Amazing System 
for Catching Perch

"The Perch Kit"


When we mail the Perch Kit to new customers, we always ask for their comments. We get few comments back so when we do get one, we value it. Here are comments from some recent 2004 customers. If you would like to communicate with these prior customers, we would share their email address with you.

Ron P 10/2016:First time out: We, 2 men, went to Erie, Monroe Raisin River Bouy 1 and 2 Sept. 24th in 22 FOW with 3 to 4 footers due to 15 MPH NE blow sun rise 7 AM. We were 1/2 mile from the pack all alone. Caught 2 perch pretty quick.  Put the perch kit down, my hands were slippery from setting it up.  I stopped catching perch while my buddy started to fish. The kit must have been right under me.  I swapped over with one rod to my buddies side of the boat and started to catch fish. After I got a few going I returned to my side thinking the kit turned them off not on. Well the fishing kept getting better and better.  To be honest it was best day we ever had.  Double limit (100 Perch) by 10:30 am.  When we were going it was stupid easy to get fish. People who did not know how to fish caught 1 or 2 perch. We already have 5 limits straight under our belt but the bite was best ever. After that:  Another 2 man limit by 11am we started keeping bigger fish 7.5 Inch and up.  We were first off lake again.  My fishing partner says keep making those kits.  The Michigan DNR last time said we were first boat worth counting perch.  Sure the fishing is good over here.  Sure there were other boats getting fish too. But a lot of people are struggling. Not us.

I got a chance to try the perch kit the other day. Going up to the lake my 3 buddies were giving me the horse laugh. We went perching NE of Kelleys Island on Lake Erie out by the green buoy 2 or 3 miles out. We set up on the edge of a pack of boats there, and put the kit over the side. I tried it as you recommend. At first fishing for all boats was kind of slow, but after about 15-20 minutes our rate of catching perch really picked up. The rate of catch on the boats around us stayed slow at best. There were times when we would have 2 or 3 perch on between us on our boat (4 rods) and people on the other boats would be looking at us in disbelief. We limited out (120) in 3.5 hours. None of the other boats that were there when we arrived had limited or left yet. I could see they were not catching the number of fish we were. This is the first time this year my buddies boat has limited out. I am a believer in the perch kit. (Bryan)

I was skeptical but thought, what the heck, its cheap. There's a group of regulars that usually fish the same areas and we see each other often. When I tried the kit I was pleasantly surprised. I caught many more perch than ever before and am now the envy of my fellow fisherman. (Anthony)

I'm a nonbeliever. I've seen all kinds of contraptions and techniques over the years and they've all been a waste of time. I would have never bought your kit but my son bought one for me. He took me out on my boat, used the kit and we couldn't believe the results. You changed me from a nonbeliever to a believer. (Sal)

I thought I became an expert Perch fisherman. Then, I got sloppy. I quit using your kit and quickly became a rookie again. Never again. I'm staying with the kit. (Bernie)

I've been perching for many years and consider myself a pretty good fisherman. After using your kit, I'm a better one. The techniques alone, beyond using the kit, have proved invaluable. (Dan)

Note, this is the ONLY complaint we ever received and we did refund her money. I tried the Perch Kit on three of the Finger Lakes in my area (over the past few weekends) and regretfully was rather disappointed. The concept intrigued me to give your "kit" a try, but it just doesn't seem to work in the shallow waters we fish in here. We normally catch perch (and very nice perch ranging in size from one to two pounds, I might add) in 5 to 15 feet of water, and I surmise that due to the clarity of the water, in conjunction with the shallow depths, the "Perch Kit" just didn't do the job. (Lyn)

We tried the kit the first time but didn't fair very well (translation - we didn't catch any fish). It was a windy day and we had trouble staying in one place. We kept dragging the anchor ... this has never happened before). Also, we violated the rules about using the kit and consequently, negated most of the kit's usefulness. I'll try the kit one more time and keep you posted. (That was the first message; now the second message). Tried it again and bingo! You were right, we caught more perch than ever. Thanks. (Tim)